Have an inbound campaign. Agent gets the phone number from customer and I need to create php code to search that number in a table in Sql, display name, address and insert ANI, date, start time, end time of the call, agent-id and result code. All I know about php I've learned going through existing php scripts and I've managed, but this is something new, never done before. I'm in an inbound and outbound environment. Can someone help me?. Thanks

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Do you know SQL? Do you know how to run SQL queries from PHP?

Do some reading on SQL's "LIKE" command, that should be a good start. Please don't expect a spoon-fed answer.

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Show any code that you have so far...

Study the PHP documentation: http://php.net/docs.php
The reference docs are very useful. FWIW, use the mysqli classes and interfaces for MySQL access from PHP these days instead of the deprecated mysql apis.

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