I'm implementing something similar to a shopping cart - a "my favorites" page for products. Users can click on an "add to favorites" link and add products to a favorites table from which they can view the details of those products at a later time. There's no purchase on the site, thus there's no checkout. I've implemented something that sort of works. However, if i reload the favorites page after adding a new item to the favorites table, the item duplicates i.e. a new row is created with the same item. If i reload 100 times, i'll have 100 rows of the same item. Here's my code:

$cartid .= $_GET['cartid'];//gets id of item on which add to cart was clicked
$delid = $_GET['delid'];//gets id of item on which remove from cart was clicked
$count = 0;

    $stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM tbl_product where id = :cartid ");
    $stmt->execute(array(':cartid' => $cartid));

    //execute the query and add the resultant data into a session array
        $row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
        $_SESSION['cartItems'][] = $row;

   //deletes an item from the cart/favorites table
 foreach($_SESSION['cartItems'] as $key => $products){   
   if($products['id']==$delid) {
    //delete from the array by unsetting the index of that element.
    unset( $_SESSION['cartItems'][$key]);
    //reload the page to show changes

 //displaying products

   echo '<div class="divisorydiv2" style="height:37px;"></div>';
   echo ' <table cellspacing="0" class="product_tab">'; 
   echo ' <tr class="tab_header">';
   echo '  <td width="32%">Product(s)</td>';
   echo '<td width="17%">Qty</td>';
   echo ' <td width="17%">Item Price</td>';
   echo '<td width="17%">Client</td>';
   echo '<td width="17%"></td>';//this column contains link to delete product

    foreach($_SESSION['cartItems'] as $product){  
           echo '</tr>';
           echo ' <td class="product">'.$product['name'].'</td>';
          echo'<td class="quantity"><input type="text" value='.$product['quantity'].' class="inputform"/></td>';
          echo '<td class="item_price">'.$product['price'].'</td>';
          echo '<td class="item_total">'.$product['user'].'</td>';

        echo '<td class="item_remove"><a href = "cart-page.php?delid='.$product['id'].'"  style="color:red">Remove Product</a></td>';//to delete an item
        echo '</tr>';



    echo '</table>';

What's causing this duplication of rows? Thank you.

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Emulating cart means:
1. Temporary store items
2. commit at checkout
Which means
1. Store in session
2. commit in database

Store them as asscociative arrays and use array's key exist function in php (check manual) and add only if does not exist. Else just update!

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This may be an issue of 'posting info to the same page' too. As a rule it's best to send info from a form or a link to a processing page and once the processing is done (e.g. add to DB), you redirect back to the form/links. So if you then reload the page, nothing further happens. Reloading a form page where the processing (php/mysql) takes place in the same page causes duplication on page reload following submission.

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