hello sir i am beginner of this course. now i am doing a project where i want to print a page/part of the page from web browser without print window. may i do this? if yes then how i could do so? please help me to find out the solution . thank you.

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Please do not use 'sir'. We have female members too - this is 2014 after all. You may have just alienated a vital number of prospective helpers with that opening salutation.

Why would you want an auto-print? If a website did this to me - I'd be annoyed - my printer - my decision. Your customised print feature will probably not offer the user his/her usual preferences, like print quality, color/b&w, economy mode ... etc. Not recommended IMO.

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This sounds like another one of those "I have a pizza ordering site and I want to print an order automatically when its placed" things.

Gahh! I doez not haz teh patience to explain server v.s. client side differences everyday.

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heh heh

Yes, ofcourse.. printer settings is upon users preferance.. I agree..

Actually I am developing an POS application for my own shop in web..

Now for that in billing section have features like select the products and print bill.. only two steps..

but while click on print then its appearing print setup window.. which is very annoying..

think, if i am using that application in counter, customers are standing in a line.. so i must to do the billing as fast as possible to make customer happy.. now for this window takes time for each bill, and everytime i am using same printer.. so i don't think this is necesary for me..

and ultimately time === money..

so i need this technical help.. please help if you can!!

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