am using XML RPC for webservices on localhost using simple example, but i got above error .


<title>XML-RPC PHP Demo</title>
<h1>XML-RPC PHP Demo</h1>

include '';

// Make an object to represent our server.
$server = new xmlrpc_client('http://localhost:81/xmlrpcDemo/sample.php');

// Send a message to the server.
$message = new xmlrpcmsg('sample.sumAndDifference',
                         array(new xmlrpcval(5, 'int'),
                               new xmlrpcval(3, 'int')));
$result = $server->send($message);

// Process the response.
if (!$result) {
    print "<p>Could not connect to HTTP server.</p>";
} elseif ($result->faultCode()) {
    print "<p>XML-RPC Fault #" . $result->faultCode() . ": " .
} else {
    $struct = $result->value();
    $sumval = $struct->structmem('sum');
    $sum = $sumval->scalarval();
    $differenceval = $struct->structmem('difference');
    $difference = $differenceval->scalarval();
    print "<p>Sum: " . htmlentities($sum) .
        ", Difference: " . htmlentities($difference) . "</p>";



include '';
include '';

function sumAndDifference ($params) {

    // Parse our parameters.
    $xval = $params->getParam(0);
    $x = $xval->scalarval();
    $yval = $params->getParam(1);
    $y = $yval->scalarval();

    // Build our response.
    $struct = array('sum' => new xmlrpcval($x + $y, 'int'),
                    'difference' => new xmlrpcval($x - $y, 'int'));
    return new xmlrpcresp(new xmlrpcval($struct, 'struct'));

// Declare our signature and provide some documentation.
// (The PHP server supports remote introspection. Nifty!)
$sumAndDifference_sig = array(array('struct', 'int', 'int'));
$sumAndDifference_doc = 'Add and subtract two numbers';

new xmlrpc_server(array('sample.sumAndDifference' =>
                        array('function' => 'sumAndDifference',
                              'signature' => $sumAndDifference_sig,
                              'docstring' => $sumAndDifference_doc)));

I am little new in PHP web service.Thanks,Any help is appriciated.

Where do u think is error ?

$server = new xmlrpc_client('http://localhost:81/xmlrpcDemo/sample.php');
Here ? if yes what should be done?

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