Hey all,

I have done a lot of research on this subject but cannot seem to get this to work again. I recently went from tinymce 3 to 4 and it seems that its kind of broken with jquery ui tabs. I have one main textarea that shows the editor then when i go into a tab where another one is located it seems to always look like this.

Click Here

has anyone seen or heard of this issue. I at first thought that it was a conflicting script issue. but from going down the list and removing those scripts, it still happends.

I should also point out that I am using the CDN script that they host.

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Hi there, did you try it without the tabs?
It appears to be a css related problem.
When I get some problem like this I go into the developer panel on the browser, and start to uncheck all css styles that I think could cause the problem.


Sorry for the late reply. I will try removing the css style. I didnt think that there could be a forced css issue

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