Hi everyone,
i want Php script for regional Language e-paper like http://epaper.pudhari.com/ that because i want same Hard copy paper on to website in that block wise news reading option (e.g. when u select block news it display pop up or new page just see link above e-paper like that) i am new to php mysql please anyone have that please help me.

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So you have a PHP-based website, and you want a link to display an e-paper?

Very confused here, your post makes no sense at all.


hi mattster sir,
sorry for inconvenience i want to develope something like following epaper website, please visit the links below
1) Click Here
2)Click Here
3) Click Here

In that u found block wise news link. now i want develope something like above epaper website, in php mysql so i want php mysql script to develope it.


Hi Web 2,

this isn't a forum where we supply ready made code for you, it's a site where we help you with specific code problems.

The sites you link just display thumbnail (small) images that link to larger images with a lightbox-type script.

Try something like ... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=lightbox+script

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