I am looking for a tutorial or advice wherein I can create a timer for my auction items. You can see those timers on the site like quibids.com The concept is like this.

I post and auction and set an end time for the auction. When the auction is live, The timer will start and will show how many hours and seconds are remaining. If any one has a class or some link to a tutorial site, that'll be a great help.

Thanks a lot.

I was hoping for some help here guys.. come on.. please share your experience.

The actual countdown functionality is not php it is javascript.
If you were going to implement this, on the page where you pull a list of auctions, calculate the remaining time by subtracting now from the end date/time.

In your page you will need some JavaScript mechanism to take this time and use it to start a countdown that matches.

Doubt you'll find a drop in solution that meets your requirements, but for reference here are some examples: