Hi Guys,

I beed trying to debug my js code but I am not aware of any tool. The code I created is for my class. I am creating a simple webpage to play a guess the magic word.

Now I am secure that my code is correct but it is not running and I am not sure where I made an error. I am attaching my code in case you are interested in helping or if oyu could point me to onlne tools or a program I can use in my mac to debug step-by-step my code I will appreciate it.

Here is my HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title>Magic Word - Sample</title>
    <script src="magicWord.js"></script>
        <h2 align="center">WELCOME TO MAGIC WORD!</h2>
        <h3>Please enter your guess on the space below:</h3>
            <input type="text" id="guestGuess" />
            <input type="submit" id="submitGuess" onclick="javascript:enteredGuess();" />
        <h3>Your guesses so far are: </h3>
        <div id="userGuesses"></div>
        <div>You have guessed: <span id="userAttempts"></span> times</div>
        <div>You have <span id="guessesLeft"></span> guesses left</div>

Here is my Javascript

var numOfAttempts = 5;
var numOfGuesses = 0;
var magicWord = "Just";

function enteredGuess() 
    //A user will enter a word and the word will be checked against
    //the magic word
    //var enterGuess = prompt("What is your guess?", "Enter your guess here");
    var theGuess = documentgetElementById("guestGuess");
    var magicWordResult;

    //Used lower case for both instances to compare both words
    if (theGuess.toLowerCase() == magicWord.toLowerCase()) 
        //The user guesses the correct word
        magicWordResult = "Your guess was" + theGuess + "! Nice going!";
        //document.writeln("Your guess was: " + guestGuess + "\nand the magic word is " + magicWord);
    else  //The user guesses wrong
        //When user gets it wrong increase by one the numOfGuesses
        numOfGuesses ++;
        magicWordResult = "Your guess was" + theGuess + ". Nice try, but that's wrong, try again. \nYou have used " + numOfGuesses + " guesses.";

        // Subtract the amount of guesses from the amount of attempts
        var guessesLeft = numOfAttempts - numOfGuesses;

        if (numOfGuesses == numOfAttempts)
            // When the user has reached all its attemps
            magicWordResult = "Sorry, you ran out of guesses. The magic word was " + magicWord + ".";
            magicWordResult = "You still have " + guessesLeft + " guesses left.";

        //To show the number of guesses the user has used

        //To show the number of guesses the user has left

        //Creates a list of the words used by the user


    // Display in an alert mode and show how the user is doing

function guessesUsed(attemptsTaken) {

    var numGuessesLeft = document.getElementById("userAttempts");
    numGuessesLeft.innerHTML = attemptsTaken;

function guessesLeft(attemptsLeft) {
    var numGuessesUsed = document.getElementById("guessesLeft");
    numGuessesUsed.innerHTML = attemptsLeft;    

function listWordsUsed(wordUsed) {
    var userGuesses = document.getElementbyId("userGuesses");
    var divisor = document.createElement("div");
    divisor.innerHTML = "<div id=" + wordUsed + ">" + wordUsed + "</div>";

Thank you guys.

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So what i would recommend is that you try using the developer tools that are shipped with your browser. For example, i like to use Google Chrome, so hit F12 and you will get a console window at the bottom of the screen. As you can see, i ran your code and you can see there is an error with this line at this moment...

 var theGuess = documentgetElementById("guestGuess");


If you use Google Chrome, there is already a built-in debugger for JS. If you use Firefox, you should try Firebug which is a plug-in and is quite easy to use. If you are using IE (which is not recommended unless you need your script to be universal), you could use its built-in Developer Tools. The tool is included in the browser since IE9.

Thank you guys, I see where the problems are. I am using Google now but I would give Firefox a try.

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