It has been about a year since I have even looked at code. I have written a few db desktop apps and I am beginning to learn the db web app. I am looking for advice. I had a hard time running apps I built in the netbeans environment as a standalone with dependencies. I was and still am under the learning curve on packaging jars and build.xml. (eclipse). I am studying the peter_dubo tutorial and I loaded it into netbeans to watch behavior and it threw an exception. So, seeing that I am starting over would it be prudent to build skills not using netbeans and glassfish. Eclipse is not the best IDE but I have worked with eclipse and I have a few db scrips in MySQL.

I do not know how to add tags to this forum using a telephone.

The hello world jsp deployed yet the said tutorial did not.
Org.xml.sax.SAXParseException, lineNumber : 12; columnnumber: 17; Deployment descriptor file WEB-INFweb.xml attribute xmlns must be declared.

Server version: 5.0.41-community-nt MySQL Community Edition (GPL)

So is there a way to declare xmlns in the WEB-INF folder?

Good tutorial to learn basics it does not need to run

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