Disabled or ReadOnly input field shows Stop symbol when mouse overs on it.How to get out of this problem.The look doesn't satisfied. Please help me how to show only cursor symbol when mouse overs on any disabled or read only input fields.

Example? Source code? Links/demos?

Come on try a bit.

You can change the behavior of the cursor with CSS styles. #elem { cursor: some_value }.

it would be best if you provide an example here, or its fantastic if you setup an example on jsfiddle.net, or if you have php code, try phpfiddle. i havent used it but have seen others mentioning this site.

Thanq JorgeM.....
I have changed the value of cursor attribute to cursor :text in my css page.
It works fine for me.

User agent behaviour is specific to the user agent, other browsers have a different default behaviour on each element. that may need a correction
portable firefox, safari, chrome, lynx, portable versions of any major browser that you arent using for development, are good for testing that your code works for others. Nothing is going to be perfect, It helps a lot, they dont mess with your system, just drop in a folder
IE doesnt have a portable there is a workaraound IEtester
I don't think anybody is using ie but Joe Public is