When data volume is huge on a page, application is really slow in IE 11 compared to IE 8.

For e.g.

There is this page where a drop down list is bound with 23 K items (This is taking things a bit too far in terms of design, I know!).

DDL is bound just fine. But selecting an item is really tricky.

When the control is clicked to select an item, the drop down list just opens (it takes a bit of time here) and closes immediately.

When you try to open the list again, the page becomes unresponsive most of the times.

We have to make do with arrow keys for item selection. This is also slow. But list items can at least be selected, this way.

BUT this same page works like a charm in IE 8.

Framework used is .NET 3.5

Master page has the meta tag :

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />
Changing this to some later version say 9 or 10 does not help either since it makes a mess of other third party controls (Read Infragistics) used in the application.

Any help /suggestion would greatly be appreciated.

Frankly speaking to load 23 K items in a drop down is not a good idea.
Instead of it you can load the option by pressing first 3 character.