Hi guys, as I'm fairly new to visual studio and asp.net, I might be missing something really obvious here...basically I have created a CSS file which is referenced in the aspx file (I dragged the css file from the project to my aspx file). Then I created another aspx file and done the same thing and I have modified the css file, making some additions. After saving it and ctrlf5'ing I noticed that the css changes didn't go through. So, if I open the css file in visual studio I can see these changes but when I check in the browser they aren't there. Thinking I've made a mistake I went View Source in the browser and the changes are definitely not in the CSS, but I can see them when I open the file in visual...any idea?

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Sounds like the browser caching issue?

If I can suggest... You may want to first create a master page. The master page is a special asp.net page that is going to help you set up a consistent look and feel and this page will contain the stylesheet and "wrapper" for your site.

you're right, it was, I closed the application and reopened it and it worked. master pages? Do you know any elementary tutorial specifically about master pages?


... you can usually refresh by hitting F5.

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