hai i need php code for simply drop and drop to create website coding ...pls help me ...

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anybodies pls help me

Please be patient. This is a forum, not chat. People will reply when they have time.

BTW, can you be more specific? Are you looking for a CMS?

yup , i need code for build website drag and drop tools

Hello, I would suggest you to use Web Agency Website Builder.

You can get the script at



Multiple mobile friendly website builder script. Start, Run or Expand your web agency by providing quick and easy mobile website solution to businesses located within your area with the help of our website builder script.
No coding and designer cost involved which saves you time and money while running your web agency. Just what you need to boost your web development business.

Features of our Website builder script

Build unlimited amount of websites on our website builder
CMS for clients
Product Catalogue
Photos Gallery
Google Map + Contact details
Rich content information page
Contact us form


MySQL Database
PHP codes


I hope the author has already found the solution. In case he hasn't or someone else faced the same issue, I recommend to check a review of drag and drop website builders. Personally I find it to be very really good as it includes much useful information about the most popular web builders. Hope it helps!

did you find one?
Have exactly the same need right now

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