I am running an E-Commerce store. Working almost a year but didn't get good response. Kindly share some good strategy for ranking.

Work I done Already:
Daily Content Updating
Daily Social Shares
5 To 10 Backlinks In A Week.
Video Uploading

What should i do more. Also kindly check my website Flash Jackets if there is any problem.

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The site is too nichey (not mainstream but serving a narrow market or audience.)

There's nothing inherently wrong with that but the product line is what it is. I think to get what sales there are you would never try to move the product on your site alone but get it on Amazon.

I did a backlink check with that celeb style outfit webshop on monitorbacklinks.com and pretty much all the backlinks that I could check were from (irrelevant) forums or blog posts with fake questions or comments including spammy links like the one above from the OP, so this is a good example how NOT to do backlinks, if you outsource your SEO to so called cheap 'SEO specialists' that hurts your PR more than that it improves.


Build backlinks high quality sites & check your backlinks if you get spammy backlinks from anywhere first remove that.

You concentrate all On-Page SEO techniques are used in your content. Analyse your content quality.