Using i5_query i selected data from our database and stored the results in $query.
I then used the following to create an array variable: $row = array(i5_fetch_assoc($query,I5_READ_FIRST));
I then printed the array results using print_r($row), below is the results of print_r.
Array ( [0] => Array ( [CUSTOMER] => 128500 [CUSTOMERNAME] => WARNER BROS INC [ADDRESS] => 4000 WARNER BLVD [CITY] => BURBANK [ZIPCODE] => 91522 [PHONE] => (818)954-6000 [EMAILADDRESS1] => [EMAILADDRESS2] => [EMAILADDRESS3] => [FAX] => [CATEGORY] => Oldest open obligation(s) [CREDITLIMIT] => 0 [EXPIRATIONDATE] => ) )
At this point I am unable to split the array element into various variables, such a variable for CUSTOMER, CUSTOMERNAME, etc.
Can you suggest an approach ? I have tried split and other php commands.

You're fetching it as an associative array so you can do something like:

$customer = $row['customer'];
$customername = $row['costomername'];