I am using Visual Basic 2008. I am trying to create a web page. I can't seem to get the labels, controls, etc. to let me place them where I want them on the page. I found several articles that suggest to make sure document shows in property window then go to page Layout. My page layout on this will not allow me to select this. Any suggestion for how to get controls where I want them on the page?

You do know html and css don't you? If not then you should read some tutorials on them. Do your page base layout, you can use div tags or a table. Then with css add your colors, width, height, and so on. Like if you want a nav bar that stretches 100% of the width you would add a div tag and using css you would set its width to 100%. If under the nav bar you wanted three columns sitting side by side you would add three div tags and in css you would use float to get this effect.
You can use a table and do the samething with colspan and rowspan. Anyway I never use the wiglet to layout a page. It uses fixed sizes and overall does a poor job with the layout.

Hope this help a little.


you click on tools menu,
then click on option,
then expand HTML Designer
then check last check box in VS2008
which is change positioning to absolute for controls added using toolbox.....
by check this check box you can simply drag and drop controls in asp.net..
but designing using html link using table, tr, td is good as a designing.

- mitul modi