I am web designer and work for a company. I'm thinking to built something for my own. I want to know can i recored live football mateches and upload to a website .. is it legal or illegal ?

OK, now I've deleted the spam I have to ask: are you serious?

commented: Maybe he's from another planet. +0

yes im serious... im planning to have website just for football matches.

If you record the live match yourself, and have a legal agreement/license with the club to broadcast then yes.

If you mean can you just steal streams from other broadcasters which have already got those agreements and paid large amounts of money for them then, unsurprisingly, the answer is of course bloody not!

but there is lots of recorded matches on youtube dailymotion etc. and i guess they all are just a normall users who uploaded them.

You asked if it is legal. The answer is it is illegal. That people are acting illegally does not change that fact.