I am working with the daniwebjsptutorial the first one.
I have a src and in it I have the resource.dir. I have the HttpServlet.jar there.
I do not know how to get the LoginServlet class to find it using eclipse.

Is there a standard entry point for the web app. I have the web.xml and the LoginServlet.java
and I added a view.Main.java to call the init() yet it has a param requirment ServletConfig config
So baically I can not get the entry point or the HttpServlet.jar worked out.

Can you please provide a link to which tutorial you are talking about? That would be very helpful.

I thought it was at the top of the page. Sorry, it is at the top of the webdesign/jsp page.

I did not use the same folders as in tje tutorial. I just started using eclipse. I am used to netbeans. I have been working on my build file. I am not sure how to use the MySQL Connecto/J driver and the HttpServlet.jar in the project.

Hope fully. Eclipse IDE for java EE developers is the correct. Ide. I used the menuItem add to build path for javax.servlet.jar. it created a new dir. Referenced libraries

When I go back to work on my build.xml i intended to srcdir from my src/resources and make sure all the dependencies are in destdir build/lib. I thought. I was supposed to make the build file add these to the class path. I worked with netbeans and it controlled all That and. It was a problem creating a standalone .jar.I

irectory of C:\Users\Steves\Documents\programs\eclipse\workspace\webStructure

09/06/2014 02:18 PM <DIR> .
09/06/2014 02:18 PM <DIR> ..
08/29/2014 05:55 AM 4,393 acousticnotes.gif
09/06/2014 07:24 AM 83,603 javax.servlet.jar
08/29/2014 06:45 AM 68,310 jcalendar.jar
08/29/2014 05:54 AM 196,787 junit-4.5.jar
08/29/2014 05:54 AM 489,883 log4j-1.2.17.jar
09/05/2014 03:04 PM 753,542 mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar
09/05/2014 03:11 PM 2,666 web.xml
7 File(s) 1,599,184 bytes
2 Dir(s) 905,140,584,448 bytes free
Eclipse does not show my jar files in tje resource package . They are there. I would like to have a main method for the app. How is this done in conjunction with a servlet and a web.xml?

I just ran the MySQL script I have all the classes and jsp all the tutoriak pieces are in place. The project can not be built until build path errors are resolved. There is no main and how do i deploy this tutorial?

New developement. My new Mars eclipse allows me to create a dynamic web app so this my help

Ohhh dear god, my past is biting me back...

I did wrote this tutorial 6 years ago, hopping to show people how to do scriplet-less Java web development. At the time I had no idea about build tools like Ant, Maven or Gradle and it was common to have lib directory in the project where you will put any library jars and then point your IDE to it to pick up as additional dependencies used in project.

I do not use Eclipse preffer IntelliJ studio, but in Eclipse you should be able to link jar files by doing following Click Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries > Click Add External Jars

Thanks my learning trail is all over the place.

I studied that there tutorial. When it was brand new. ;) It is a good way to get you feet wet in the web app and I revisited it recently and it got me started again so I thank you again.

IntelliJ studio I will have to check that one out

From my point of view IntelliJ is far better then Eclipse handling build tools like Maven and Gradle (second is becoming more and more popular, well I have to addmit I do use it for Android development)

And of course you should not get tunnelvision and think that you're a programmer because you know a specific IDE.
When you get a different job, you're quite likely going to get a different toolset and have to rapidly learn to use that to the same degree of confidence you've built up over months or years using something else you're already familiar with.