Using AJAX is better then iFrames because things are dynamic, instead of making a call to the server to load an entire HTML page, you can do it dynamically, one question remains. Can I style the look of, and this ties into another thread I started, scroll bars etc ? If so, great, if not, bummer !

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Your topic makes no sense!

Yes you can style the markup that is loaded via Ajax. The styles will apply as long as the styling properties are supported by the browser.

Jorge - Would you say it is a better route to use AJAX over iFrames ?

It depends on the objective, but i would generally use AJAX over iFrames if there is no overwhelming reason to use an iFrame.

AJAX has many advantages over iFrames. For one, I would say you have more over the content you are fetching. Hmm.. having access to the state of the request can be important for you; You can also handle mutliple AJAX requests. For getting little bits of information from the web server, AJAX has a tremendous advantage here over iFrames. Styling your content received via AJAX is in your control, vs iFrame (if the content is coming from another domain not in your control). This is what comes to mind... the list goes on and on...

Here is a good reason to use an iFrame... If you want to post a youtube video on your site... go with the iFrame.

Thanks for your input Jorge !

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