Hi guys,

Was wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials or code so that i can learn how to create charts from scratch.
also i havent learnt any javascript so is there another that this can be done?

i have tried playing with phpgraphlib, but i cannot seem to dynamically add values to their array.

many thanks

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I usually use GDChart if I need to generate a graph or chart in PHP. Also if you need have a way to manipulate the chart in a browser you could use PHP to update the values or you could use JQuery. What you use depends on the type of manipulation you require.

The Extension is Here:

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Although you can use PHP to create graphs dynamically, most of the glitzy looking ones seem to be for vanilla flavoured javascript or jQuery.

If you are developing sites with PHP, then I would suggest learning basic javascript too. I don't know of many sites that don't use javascript these days.

As stated in the above comments, it can be done however it's a matter of how fancy looking you want your charts to be. I've used the PHPlot library from sourceforge before and it does a decent job of it, however I believe the OP has abandoned the project since.


hi guys, thank you for your replies.
Javascript is something i want to learn, but want to get PHP logic mastered first :)
i will read all the documents that from the links you gave me, cheers guys :) im not too worried about fancy things at the moment just want the basics sorted:)

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