I asked this question 4 months ago, and while I did receive a few responses, I never really got what I needed resolved...

What I was hoping to find is probably what diafol was talking about dusting off and taking another look at, and that is a PHP based script designed to take variable data requests and produce a report based on a DB Query for that data...

As an example. I have an application that has multiple admins managing membership records, adding, editing, terminating, etc...

The owner of the company would like to be able to pull up a report online that would enumerate what has taken place in that regard.
But would like to pull the report in various formats, i.e. All transactions by a specific admin ID, or All transactions based on a single Member ID, or All Termination Transactions.... that type of thing.

At the same time, they would like to define the Date Range for any of these reports to cover, and how many entries should be displayed on each page of the report.

Then, on top of displaying the report on the monitor, they would like to push a button to send it to the printer, or download it as a PDF...

What I'm wondering is if anyone knows of any scripts / plugins / whatever that are available so I don't have to start this from scratch, but could use what is available as a basis to develop around.

I'm not looking for a service that I need to pay a monthly fee for, and not looking for something that will cause me to have to learn additional programming/scripting languages like js/jq to accomplish, but something that I can use to manipulate data from a query and produce the required reports with nothing more than PHP and MySql knowledge.

Any Suggestions from anyone that would fall within those parameters?

Thanks in advance.


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Hmmm. Can't recall the thread showman - sorry if I never came back to you.

That would be the one. I'm beginning to think that what I envision that I'm looking for and what is coming across in my explanation may be two totally different things, and that it just may not exist...

But I'll keep looking, and if I don't find it then I'll just break down and write one myself.

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Aha! Thanks veedeoo - ok, never got round to it. Might have been around the time of my mini hiatus. Apologies again.

I have several suggestions.

1) Depending on how much time you have is to use a php framework such as codeigniter or laravel. Why? Because once you've gotten used to it you will never write vanilla sql queries. The queries are easier to understand and are all sql protected.

2) Download and use twitter bootstrap, this is especially useful for selecting date ranges.

3) Once you have the sql data creating a printable report can be achieved in php using fpdf, or if you wish in excel using phpexcel.

Unfortunately, you're asking a pretty generic requirement so that's the best. I doubt there would be much out there ready made. You'll have to write something yourself using the above toolset.