I redirected to download page (I used window.location() or window.location.href() or replace()), but after download happens it should again come back to same page. I tried using setTimeout, but in vain. Another thing I dont have a chance to write redirect in download.php. Is there any solution for this requirement. Thanks in advance... Here is my sample code...

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; URL=index.php">
<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
function doSomething(color)

//do something nice with params  
document.body.style.background = color;
/*global window */
/*window.location = 'http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/in_love_cosmos_flower_garden_220378_download.html';*/
window.location.href = 'http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/in_love_cosmos_flower_garden_220378_download.html';
/*return false;*/
window.onload = function() { setTimeout("redirectPage()",3000); 
/*return false;*/
document.body.style.background = red;
window.setTimeout(redirectPage(), 500);

function redirectPage(){

function download(){
var url = 'http://all-free-download.com/free-photos/in_love_cosmos_flower_garden_220378_download.html';
var htm = '<iframe src="' + url +'" onload="downloadComplete()"></iframe>';
document.getElementById('frameDiv').innerHTML = htm;
This page does call a JavaScript function when the page is loaded, 
without using the onload() event call.

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">

Is there any solution for this requirement.

No, but perhaps you can start the download in a new window. When the download is complete the window will close and the calling page will be visible again.