Hello everyone,
I want to make a website for movies, can any one tell me how can i do the followings ....
1 - will i use xml file for movie path? if yes then how can i use xml file.
2 - is this possible that the record of a movie should be in a database.
3 - i want to show only 10 movies on one page, after that pagination will start, how can i do this in php...


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Really? ok, try this.

  1. You can use xml or database. You ca write an xml file with your movies listed as a node.
  2. Yes it is possible the records of a movie can be in a database
  3. You can use php to limit the number of movies by 10.

I hope you can understand my answers and much as we can understand your question. Good luck.

dear gebrielcastillo, can you please explain it with example. because i am a beginner...

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