Good evening
Please, can I waste just little of your time ?
I have to produce an Web page in ASP.net and this is my first experience at C# and Web application..
kindly I would like an idea for this project.

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I see this question quite frequently but always wonder about this... It sounds like this is some sort of school assignment? If so i would expect that your professor would provide some guidance here..

In any event, i think a good first stab at a web application is some type of retain system, inventory system, or work order system, or combination of all of them. The system should include thinkgs like authentication, inventory listing, forms to interact with the user so that items are entered/removed from inventory, communication with the user via email, reporting, and shopping cart.


Thanks for your answer, but my question was an idea for a web page like (auction page or sciences page..) and some design to take advantage of your experience to do something special.
Thank you very much for these advices, I will depend on them in my hierarchy.

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