update code

if(isset($_POST["type"]) && $_POST["type"]=='add')
    $product_id     = (int) $_POST["product_id"];
    $product_qty    = (int) $_POST["product_qty"]; //product code
    $product_size_id    = $_POST["product_size"]; //product size
    $prosize=mysqli_query($connection,"SELECT * FROM  size where SizeID = $product_size_id");
    $return_url     = base64_decode($_POST["return_url"]); //return url 
    //MySqli query - get details of item from db using product code
    $results = mysqli_query($connection,"SELECT * FROM products WHERE id='$product_id' LIMIT 1");
    $obj = mysqli_fetch_array($results,MYSQLI_ASSOC);   
    if ($results) { //we have the product info 

        //prepare array for the session variable
        $new_product = array(array('name'=>$obj['name'], 'id'=>$product_id, 'size'=>$product_size, 'qty'=>$product_qty, 'price'=>$obj['amount']));
        if(isset($_SESSION["products"])) //if we have the session
            $found = false; //set found item to false           
            foreach ($_SESSION["products"] as $cart_itm) //loop through session array
                if($cart_itm["id"] == $product_id){ //the item exist in array 

                  $product[] = array('name'=>$cart_itm["name"],
                    $found = true;
                    //item doesn't exist in the list, just retrive old info and prepare array for session var
                    $product[] = array('name'=>$cart_itm["name"],
            if($found == false) //we didn't find item in array
                //add new user item in array
                $_SESSION["products"] = array_merge($product, $new_product);



                //found user item in array list, and increased the quantity
                $_SESSION["products"] = $product;
            //create a new session var if does not exist
            $_SESSION["products"] = $new_product;
    //redirect back to original page

product code

<?php session_start(); ?>
<?php require_once("../includes/connection.php");?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Shopping Cart</title>
<link href="css/style1.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<div id="products-wrapper">
  <div class="products">
    //current URL of the Page. cart_update.php redirects back to this URL
    $current_url = base64_encode($url="http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);?>
    $results = mysqli_query($connection,"SELECT * FROM products ORDER BY id ASC");
    if ($results) { 
        //fetch results set as object and output HTML
        while($obj =  mysqli_fetch_array($results,MYSQLI_ASSOC)){   
            $qry_size=mysqli_query($connection,"SELECT * FROM productsizes WHERE ProductID = $id");
            $sizes=mysqli_query($connection,"SELECT * FROM  size where SizeID = $psizeID");
            $all.= "<option value=\"$psizeID\">$namesize</option>";
            $row_cnt = mysqli_num_rows($qry_size);
            $query  = mysqli_query($connection,"SELECT * FROM `images` WHERE productID = $id LIMIT 1 ");
            $img =  mysqli_fetch_array($query,MYSQLI_ASSOC);
            $src = $img['file_name'];
            echo '<div class="product">'; 
            echo '<form method="post" action="product_cart_update.php">';
            echo "<div class=\"product-thumb\"><img src=\"$src\" width=\"150px\" height=\"100px\"></div>";
            echo '<div class="product-content"><h3>'.$obj['name'].'</h3>';
            echo '<div class="product-info">';
            echo 'Price '.$obj['amount'].' | ';
            echo 'Qty <input type="text" name="product_qty" value="1" size="3" />';
            if($row_cnt > 0) {
              echo "<br>Size <select name=\"product_size\">";
              echo $all;
              echo "</select>";
            echo '<button class="add_to_cart">Add To Cart</button>';
            echo '</div></div>';
            echo '<input type="hidden" name="product_id" value="'.$id.'" />';
            echo '<input type="hidden" name="type" value="add" />';
            echo '<input type="hidden" name="return_url" value="'.$current_url.'" />';
            echo '</form>';
            echo '</div>';
  <div class="shopping-cart">
  <h2>Your Shopping Cart</h2>

    $total = 0;
    echo '<ol>';
    foreach ($_SESSION["products"] as $cart_itm)    

        echo '<li class="cart-itm">';
        echo '<span class="remove-itm"><a href="product_cart_update.php?removep='.$cart_itm['id'].'&return_url='.$current_url.'">&times;</a></span>';
        echo '<h3>'.$cart_itm["name"].'</h3>';
        echo '<div class="p-qty">Size : '.$cart_itm["size"].'</div>';

        echo '<div class="p-qty">Qty : '.$cart_itm["qty"].'</div>';
        echo '<div class="p-price">Price : '.$currency.$cart_itm["price"].'</div>';
        echo '</li>';
        $subtotal = ($cart_itm["price"]*$cart_itm["qty"]);
        $total = ($total + $subtotal);
    echo '</ol>';
    echo '<span class="check-out-txt"><strong>Total : '.$currency.$total.'</strong></span>';
    echo '<span class="empty-cart"><a href="product_cart_update.php?emptycart=1&return_url='.$current_url.'">Empty Cart</a></span>';
    echo 'Your Cart is empty';

Just dumping code won't get you an answer. What's it supposed to do, and what isn't working?

Just dumping code won't get you an answer. What's it supposed to do, and what isn't working?

want i select combo box value then product detail add to card with new combo box value

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its not a dumping code

Yes it was. What card are you talking about?

want i select combo box value then product detail add to card with new combo box value

This doesn't make any sense to me.
The reason that you didn't get any bites is that you didn't frame your question properly and it makes little sense. You want to put something on a card, but I can't see any reference to a card in your code.
Your html is messed up with loads of php for some reason. There is no need for this. In addition you have a ridiculous number of consecutive echoes. Again use concatenation or heredoc syntax. This makes it all very difficult to follow.