Good Day All

I hope someone can help me. i have a web application that is running on 4.51 , When the User login Successfully i return an Object that has info for that user and store this in a Static object. Now my problem is the i

User 1 Login (Welcome James)


User 2 Login (WelCome Daniel)

and User 1 refreshes the Page (Welcome Daniel)

My user sessions override each other. i did mess around with the IIS Session before , i just noticed this now. Can anyone help.


Are you using different browsers to test this? Because if you login as both users in a different tab in the same browser then it is recognized as the same session.

We assume that when you say sessions, you mean you are doing something like this...

 Session["userid"] = someData;

in this example, where are you getting this data to assign to the session variable?

Further reading for you...
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Agreed, running on two different browsers at the same time.