Hi there,

My question isn't strictly about programming, it's primarily a question of how to approach my problem with the tools I have.

I am building a website where a user can sign up and create their own profile/portfolio so to speak. Let's say this is mysite.com. Say Joe Bloggs signs up so his profile/portfolio would then exist at mysite.com/joebloggs. Joe decides he would rather use his own domain name joebloggs.com for his profile/portfolio.

I know that in web application I can of course check the $_SERVER variables to find the incoming domain, check a database mapping and act accordingly.

I'm pretty sure that if I had complete control over a server I could set it up just fine so that if Joe was to change his CNAME DNS record to point at mysite.com I could essentially just accept any incoming request and process everything through my application.

However, I intend to use shared hosting. I just wanted to know if the above could be achieved on a shared host without the need to manually add domains to my hosting that point at my web application? If this is not possible, could I work around it somehow? Even if it means some initial messing around for the user.


i would look for a virtual server with full control for my site
prices should be roughly the same