Anyone know of a way to auto-grab songs?

I want to make a playlist of songs so that I can make a playlist and listen to them. I've tried making a script but it somewhat worked, it opens the menu but it doesn't add it to the playlist. Here is my code:

function grab_song(){
    $(".pop-menu ul li:first-child").click();

setTimeout("grab_song()", 5000);

The code is simple, and it will grab the song. But it will open the menu, and not grab the song. I used inspect element to try and disect the code to select the code to add it to the playlist, but so far, it just opens the menu.

Here is a screenshot of what I'm dealing with here:


I'm sorry if this is a newb question, I'm learning jQuery still.

If anyone can help please do. Thanks!

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It will grab the song currently playing. I can make screenshots of the issue if needed.


You say the problem is that it won't grab the song, and yet you're not showing us the function to grab the song.


grab_song is the function to grab it. It selects the button but it wont select the playlist (this line):

$(".pop-menu ul li:first-child").click();

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