Hi all, I was just wondering, how do I go about making an asp.net application accessible on the internet? The application is also linked to a SQL database (created in visual studio). I have got server space available but I'm not sure where the sql database needs to be copied on etc. A quick search on the net brought up things like "deploying the site on azure" which I have absolutely no idea what it means, I just want to upload the application on a server I own - well, rather the company I work for own. What would I need to ask the support team for this to happen?

If you publish your web project, you should have all the files they need to put on the server. If you accept file uploads or need logging, you may need to instruct them which folders need to be created additionally and given write permissions.

As for the database, the web.config probably has a connection string. If there's already a database in use on the server, you/they can point it to that one. Then create a backup of your database, so they can import it into the database on the server.

OK thanks, and obviously somebody with a windows server...strange but neither my internet provider nor the company that hosts my website have windows servers...

Ahem, so with this Azure, you say, I can upload my asp.net application on to the cloud for free and access it as I would access a normal website?

Yes, you can even point your custom domian to it. There are some restrictions if your site has alot of traffic, but not to bad.

OK will look into that then, thanks