Sorry guys, I'm just really excited about this. My very first use of Polymer Tags (Need Chrome)

Live Core-Header-Panel

Looking forward to developing with this.

What are your thought's on the fast aproaching Polymer Tags?

Sorry, I don't understand what I'm looking at?

Hopefully you should be able to see a tall blue header with two buttons (with splash effect). When you scroll down, the header should shrink down and the text is aligned accordingly. What I think is cool is that for this the only actual markup is this

<core-header-panel flex mode="waterfall-tall">
    <core-toolbar class="tall">
    <paper-icon-button icon="menu"></paper-icon-button>
      <div class="middle indent">MySnippets</div>
      <span flex></span>
      <paper-icon-button icon="search"></paper-icon-button>
      <paper-progress class="bottom fit" value="30"></paper-progress>

<div class="MyClass">Scroll Down To Enable Header-Panel</div>  

No JavaScript... nothing.