Hi Guys,
I need to create one app which must run in terminal or cmd, or lets say in background!
The app must be able to request a url, and get content of url requested, parse the html and save it as csv.
I have it runnig in browser, so my problem is my boss, he said to me that must run in background, terminal or cmd. something like service
so i've no idea where i can start.
Please let me know guys if i've to explain more regards

you probably need node.js. It is a server side javascript. Server side javascript can pretty much do what other server side scripting languages can do.

Hi Lorenzo!
I have got node.
so is comming cofuse where to start, right now im in console of node! trying figureout everything

Linux ubuntu 14.04
Lorenzo, i'm loving nodejs.
now i'm running node, with mongodb and express framework.
so u've something which u suggest me to go forwand and fast?

lorenzo can i have your twitter?
mine @hell_hansen

Lorenzo , now i get a new question, how to use jquery in node js?

I hope Mr. LDA don't mind me posting response on this thread.

Do you have composer.json inside your node directory?

Hi Veedoo,
No i don't have composer.json!
so you suggest me to get composer. and then how i start explor this feature?

Unlike in PHP, composer.json is run by NPM in node.js.

To be able to use jquery in node.js, you can run a command like this..

cd your_node_directory
npm install jquery

you can also use bower for the same purpose

bower install jquery

I prefer NPM over bower.

To use jquery in node.js, you can easily add it on your app.js or anywhere where it fits. After installing the jquery, you can do something like this.

$ = require('jquery');
var yourVar = require('jqueryFunctionHere');

node.js is pretty much the same as PHP, Ruby and Python.

node.js application can also be written in MVC framework similar to Codeigniter in PHP. It can also use template engine like blade similar to the template engine in Laravel.

Node.js should not viewed as the user side javascript and should have its own forum in Daniweb, instead of mixing it up with html/javascript. Node.js is equally powerful just like PHP, RUBY, or Python.

Node.js can use mongodb which can make the landscape of web development a lot different than 7 years ago. I honestly beleive that it is more faster than PHP with lesser vulnerabilities.