I am trying to understand how to create this website template that I still do not understand how to do it.

I am trying to create a elearning website template:

There are several box that consist of the picture & name of class classification such as chemistry, history, etc.

If someone click the chemistry box then the web template will moves to the elearning web template with chemistry banner.

If someone click the history box then the web template will moves to the elearning web template with history banner.

The only that changes is the banner.

How to create such programming concept. How to pass the information to the next page that so that the page knows that what banner to change into?

The problem is that the next page (has multiple pages - that must consist of the same banner).

Please help.


I am not sure I fully understand what you are doing with this but I think I get it enough to help you out a little bit. If you want to change just the banner as people click certain links you can do something with simple Requests like GET or POST request if it is just traveling one page. If you need it to stay there across multiple pages they navigate to I would recommend using something a little more permanent but easily changeable. Use Cookies or Sessions to hold some value such as Chemistry or History and in the pages all you have to do is check to see if that cookie or session contains some value and if that value is set then you can change the banner to the corresponding banner to that value.

About Sessions and Cookies

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