Any body know how to do balance carry forward in php

There are many ways: save it (database, json), store it in session, use $_POST/$_GET...

Post what you have so far and describe what you want to achieve.

in php i mean.Please give me any example i know session, use $_POST/$_GET... but i dont know what it means actually.IF you can give me a single example how we do carry forwarding in php

Code answers require code questions. Simples. Try a bit harder and answer @Broj1.

i know session
but i dont know what it means actually

Well you clearly don't know what it is then, and haven't been bothered to google it like most people.

For someone who is suposedly a web developer with skills in "HTML/CSS/PHP", you seem to lack some fundamental knowledge. Sorry, to make it easier for you: you can't do some very basic things, so you haven't got the skills you claim to have in your sig.

@Broj1 I think you have not seen my profile here on Daniweb.Most of my questions and quries are related to Form,Sessions .I know what session and all related terms mean but one of the persons on social networking site told me about balance carry forwards .I dont know this term only.You need to think before commenting like this in future.Balance carry forward is a new term for me.Now i know what it is but had i not been knowing still this is not a good way to respon.I may have started web development before you.

i dont so what is Balance carry forward? i know balance forwarding in accounts but dont understand thia at all

I Honestly believe that balance carry forward has nothing to do with PHP. I am assuming that this teminology may have something to do with financial reporting, or any calculation reflecting a remainder critical for the next calculation. Unless, I completely missed this subject matter.

I don't feel like giving any recommendations to you, because just like what you have already said you may have started web development before Broj1.

However, let us do a simple analysis of what is the probable meaning of balance carry forward as it relates to programming.

So, we have cycle where x was 100 units some 60 days ago and for each day x can shed as y at approximately point and a half per day . During repetitive cycles, the units are assigned between variable x and z and any gain in units are defined by either variable a or b. Of course, the increase can be added to either x or z before or during the cycle.

$x = 100;
$y = 1.5 * 60;

if we are to calculate the value of x that can be carry forward to the next cycle, then codes below can be use

$z = $x - $y;

The value of $z is the balance that can be carry forward for the next cycle. If some variable $a increase $z by 200, then you will have $z + $a to shed away for the next cycle.

That would be my take on this subject and I hope my example above does not reflect any of my many inferiorities. If so, my sincere apology for posting something that can serve no purpose.

Thanks Veedeoo that is what i mean a person is never complete .I just wished anybody can give me definition of it and you have came stright to the point instead of downgrading somebody in order to prove superiority.When someone asks you have question the best way is to come to the point and answer it rather than show superiority .There is no point on showing superiority because when someone asks a question that itself means he tells you you are the master.

You don't have to be offended so quickly. I never said that I am better in PHP than you and I don't care about that anyway. And I was not studying your profile to better understand your question since this is not how this or other forums work. Based on your question which was very broad and a bit hard to understand I just tried to point you in a right direction on what to search. If you studied my profile you would have seen that I often put a lot of effort into helping others and I never tried to put people down. It's just not my style.

Anyway, have you read the guidelines on how to ask a question to get a good answer? Following this might get you to the solution much quicker.

Now, if you are asking a question about accounting stuff, I have no clue about that and really can not help here.