Hi fellow coders,
I'm Martin, and i need a good PHP/HTML coder to my Website.
I have a Danish hosting provider company, and i could seriously need some nice stuff to it, to make it more atractive.
- If you would like to help, you are not getting paid each hour, you are getting paid when the money haves. So the job is going to be done, for free, and to help and be nice. And then i am going to paid you when i the money enough for it.

  • Please PM me...

  • Martin

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Ha ha ha. Very funny. I like that. You were kidding, right?!


Diafol- doesn't look like you are in the holiday spirit yet. This is the time of the year to give, be nice, and be cheerful.

I'd jump at this but my creditors force me to work for money. They don't like it when I don't pay them either.

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Bah humbug! :)

OK. Jorge you're right. I am a miserable git.


In addition to the free work, if you're interested I have a very beautiful girlfriend, a car I'm hoping to sell, which you can have for nothing and the last Christmas turkey from my local butcher.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la.

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ho ho ho
haha excellent ;)

IT would have been better had you posted your problems here.rather than demanding free service.Anyways.food luck

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