hi all,

Im teaching myself webdesign, php and mysql from the fourms here and watching youtube videos.

I have come across this error that I cant resolve. Its driving me crazy and i cant find a solution for it. I was hoping someone cant help.

Im building a web subscription page in php & mysql.

The error messsage im getting is

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' companykeywords, datetime, uipa, ref, browser, securecode,sms) VALUES('Male','m' at line 1

I have read a few pages where I think they are talking about the max number of rows mysql returns but im not sure.

I looked over and looked over this, checking the sql syntax against a working form i have, but to me everything looks right ??

Cheers for taking your time in reading this and i would appreciate a helping hand understanding the reasons why this error is produced and a fix to resolve.


Ok, seems im a bit of a div,

The problem i was having was calling one variable before the other,


This is such a learning curve,

solved......phew, its amazing what a coffee and a good search here on daniweb can wake you to.....

Loving the daniweb posters, thanks.....