I wasn't sure where to put this. I put it In JS because JS is client side and that's what I'm technically looking for.

I'm looking to create a Reddit type website....I want my Video and Image files hosted on a 3rd party sever. NOT on my hosting plan.

What is that called? What can I google to get tutorials on how to do that?

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Im more or so looking for people to upload images or videos through existing URLs. If they post a picture of themselfs on lets say Imgur for example, then upload the URL to my site, the image shows up on my site but hosted on Imgur...Is that still CDN? Or something different?

Ah, well just have a place for them to add a link to the image/video in your UI. Then reference the link in their post. If the users are not uploading anything to your app, there isn't much you need to do beyond that.

Im new to CDN's and writing code in general. I can understand it when I see it at this point. Can you explain in a bit more detail what you mean exactly?


Well, you won't need a CDN with what you have described. If someone uploads an image to imgur, it's already online and you don't need to do anything accept to link to the image. When you go to reddit and share a link, all you're doing is posting a link to said image or video. So all you would need to do is provide that field/option in your web app to add the link when the user is creating their post.

Ok great, thank you, do you know of any tutorials on that? Or the exact name i can google?

Just making sure, this isnt going to be hosted on my site in anyway, cache files..etc...and eat up my bandwith?

If you're talking about starting at the very beginning and you have no experience with programming, you would most likely want to start with a server side language. Since I develop with PHP, I would probably recommend looking at beginners tutorials for that. If you're an absolute beginner, then you have a ways to go most likely before you can put together a production ready app to be made public, because you'll be starting at square one.

I've heard from others that Codeacademy has a nice introduction to PHP and other languages http://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/php

After you've gotten the basics you can start searching around online for more advanced tutorials.

If I were building an application, I would most likely use a PHP framework, like Laravel, or CakePHP. Once you have a grasp on PHP, I would look into maybe learning one of those.

I know HTML, CSS pretty well. Bought 3 books on PHP last week and starting code academy this weekend. I can UNDERSTAND parts of PHP overall, I can take scripts and work with that, I just never sat down and put in the time to learn to write it like I should. Thats of course going to change.

Im looking for a simplified tutorial as for what we talked about, I have a script already that i would like to add the option of uploading through the URL and hosted externally, instead of having users upload from their computer, which ends up being hosted on my server.

I'm not sure if there is any tutorials on exactly what we're talking about, but piecing together the examples from different tutorials and applying that knowledge to what you're wanting to accompish is most likely what you'll do.

If you really wanted to see how reddit worked behind the scenes, as in seeing the actual code, they released their entire codebase for the site https://github.com/reddit/reddit/tree/master/scripts though it is built primarly in Python.

This is an interesting tutorial on a commenting system that could help with establishing some starting point http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/05/09/building-real-time-commenting-system/

Then there is this tutorial which claims to have a tutorial on building a digg/reddit type website http://www.experimentgarden.com/2010/02/programming-redditdigg-site-in-php-part.html though I've not gone through it to see how well it is put together.

If someone approached me to build a website like this, I would most definitely use a framework (Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter) for my foundation, rather than creating everything from scratch. After you have some more experience with PHP, I would recommend digging into some PHP frameworks.

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