I am using mailgun api for sending and receiving emails. The Outgoing mails contains html links/anchors in it.Now one of my clients requirement is to detect whether this email was opened, which link was clicked.

ex: If mail contains link called "www.google.com". User opens the email in any email client whether it is gmail ,yahoo,outlook etc.,It should track it as open the number of time it was opened.

now if the user clicks on that link it should track that the link was clicked so many number of times.irrespective of what link it is.

is there any possibility of achieving it using php or in any other language or is it impossible?

any help is greatly appreciated.


Usually get parameters are added to identify such links, but of course this only works if the link points to a domain you own/control. You cannot track a direct link to Google, so the only way would be to route it through your server first. This might be considered phishing.

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