Hi guys,

im new here and new to web development.

I want to build a marketplace for tutors where they can upload their profile and information.

Students who want to find a home tutor can go there and find a suitable one by submitting a home tuition request.

I want to create a site similar to http://www.tuitionbean.com

I've found and contacted a web developer through the internet.

He suggested using php instead of wordpress to create the website. I've read abit on CMS and im wondering if I can get any advise on the difference in choice of platform and how it will affect my website

Any helpful advise would greatly appreciated!

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WordPress is written in PHP, so it sounds like he either has a CMS of his own (which is good), or he's trying to complicate things to get more money (if he builds one from scratch, which is bad).

I'd try to get a written statement from him what exactly he is offering.

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wordpress, you will be able to take over admin and run the site after a bit of self education.
a custom php script, will pretty much tie you to this developer.

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That is a great situation for a developer, unreasonable for a customer.
The customer initially envisaged a 5 year span, and thought licensing would be cheaper than purchase

WordPress is free.

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