hi all,
I've got something odd going on here. Basically I created a database table in visual studio 2012, using localDB and saved it OK. Now, I'm trying to amend something in it and when I right click on the table (Overtime) to "Open table definition", it loads for about 5 minutes and then I get the following error:
Has anybody seen this before?
There is a bit more, here is the description of the error (yes I did what it says to do with no difference):

It just looks like a timeout error. These errors are a result of a bad instance/DB name, target system not responding, etc...

I'd check the target path name to make sure its correct.

Unfortunately, i don't like using localdb so I don't have additional useful help to provide. I would advise using sqlexpress and using SQL management studio outside of VS to manage your DB. I typically use VS for development and delegate the management of SQL.

For me, I don't find VS to be the best tool for managing SQL. I would use localdb for scenarios where I want to embed the data source in my app like I would have in the past by embedding Microsoft Access DB.