im working on a project ..
SCENARIO:::in which we want to collect comment given by 3rd party users or end users and by seeing the comments we should give ratings!
My IDEA:: i am grad student- intersted in algorithms and problem solving.. and my intention is to create a two databases
1->we collect all comments given by end users as sentence and search for the words,that words should match with another database containing words and its corresponding values for rating its comments!!!! so that we could give best rating
2->initially i decided to do using trie data structures and by some searching algorithms! but now we have to implement in website
i have no idea in doing this please help me!!!!!!!

Firstly, I would recommend picking up a PHP framework. This will help you immensely to quickly code your site.

An understanding of MVC is essential, a user friendly PHP framework I would recommened is codeigniter.

It can be found here. Good luck.

You may try out Drupal CMS for your project as it have thousands of add-on modules and designs to let you build any site you can imagine..