Decode Please


It wasn't very easy... but here you go!


The Secret Formula For The Original Krabby Patty

- Sesame Seeds
- Bottom bun
- Chum (Food)
- Ketchup
- Mustard
- Mayonnaise
- Relish
- Cheese
- Pickles (Food)
- Lettuce
- Tomatoes
- Onions
- Salt
- Tartar Sauce
- Secret sauce
- Top bun

Please Decode Files
Please I need urgent Codes
Decode files

What is this and why do you want it decoded? Against my better judgment I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt rather than closing this thread given your posts thus far.

Codes of me I can not find unencrypted codes for encryption erases my hand, I just got this from a site but not broken, do not break it in aid

Its a great obfuscation
I'll keep the idea
Its obviously not yours
The author took great effort to stop thieves
It worked, stopped you, you must be ^ ^


There are segments in the binary that ping my malware programs, what is this which you are trying to steal

close the thread, edit/delete the OP
The code is viral/malware NSIS:InstMonetizer-AU