hya i want to show each user there own id number for identity purposes so far i have




$userinfo = mysql_query("SELECT user_id FROM user");

    <li>You must be fully clothed, no nudity.</li>
    <li>Your face must be clearly visible although you may obscure your eyes if desired.<li>
    <li>You must be holding a piece of paper with the phrase Fabulous Escorts User ID: <?php echo $user_id;?> and the date written on it.<li>
    <li>You must upload your photo within 24 hours of the date that you've written.</li>

what else do i need to display this as its from a different database table

ty jan x

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Please stop using deprecated code. Use PDO or mysqli.

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hya ive been to that link and put some coding in and its echoing all users how can i alter it where only the registered userid is displayed on the user not the complete list

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Please stop using deprecated code. Use PDO or mysqli.

solved found a solution for it

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