Can someone help me & tell me how to change the pre-existing photos on my website.I dont understand HTML. I dont want to change anything else on my website. Just remove the old photos from there & upload new ones.I am able to log into my website account at Go-Daddy but not able to see where all the photos are located that show up on my website.
Is there an easy way to replace photos on my website?
would be nice to get a free software (wysiwyg) that is easy to use for someone like me.

Your website is made up of web pages (.html, .php, .aspx for example). You need to know which page(s) contain these images if the image names are going to change. If you want to replace the images with new ones, but keep the same names, you simply need to locate the folder that contains these images.

Then use FTP client software (or the file manager included in the GoDaddy admin console) and upload the new pictures with the same names to the image folder.

If you want to do more editing, you simply need an editor and ftp client so you can modify your pages on your local computer and use the ftp client to upload the pages to your hosting provider.