Hello Community,
I'm making a new service called Gimme Support, currently my domain is http://gimmesupport.co. I need to renew it soon and I was debating on weather to change it to http://gimme.support.

Which would you say is better http://gimmesupport.co or http://gimme.support?

I'm still not sure which one I should go with, I'd probably consider renewing the .CO extension for a few months just for the cross-over stage (only because it is still under-construction so no one really knows about it yet) as well as buy the .SUPPORT extension and move everything over.

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Honestly, I kind of like the gimmeDotSupport. It is pretty straight forward I think.

What would be a good way of doing this anyway? Should I still renew the domain for a few months? it expires on the 29th of October however as I said no one is using it (as fair as I know, because there is only a coming soon page) so should I just leave it?

Ok, I've decied to register it.

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