hi my name is faiyaz i m an bing and google adwords account manager i have issue sgoing on from last few days my Competitor are using some kind of software to make auto click on my ads costing me 80 to 100K every day please help i ahve no issues to pay for it... mail me on emmiecursion@gmail.com

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We're not your slaves. Get off your arse and contact Google and Bing.
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this is an online forum
not an on-demand support system, you cannot demand responses

Contact Bing, and Google, make your complaint
They will examine the clicks, and when it is determined they all come from the same group of IP you will be refunded and those IP blocked


This is an online VOLUNTEER forum not your private help service
You cannot demand responses

RTFM : read the f_cking manual

The complaint proceedures for ad services are clearly described in the agreements
Read the agreements
follow the proceedures
contact the service providers
make the complaint
click trackers retain IP addresses
If the provider determines the complaint is real they will refund the fees and block those addresses

Go away and do the job you pretend to be competent in

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