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Anybody using L5 yet? Just got to grips with 4.2 and thought I had it cracked. L5 was a shock. The "simplicity" of 4.2 has disappeared IMO. The documentation sucks too. But I don't want to be a hater. Am I missing out on rolling back to 4.2? I've read the articles and watched the vids, but they're leaving me cold. Anybody got any experience with it?

I haven't actually built anything with v5 yet to showcase yet, but judging by the release notes, there shouldn't be too much of a problem with rolling with 4.2. Naturally this will change as bugs and security glitches are found...

To me (as a relative newbie to laravel), the docs for v5 look quite impressive. Okay they are a bit wordy with not a great deal of examples, which I can really see as a problem. No idea how it compares to v4.2 in terms of general usage. This dude seems to explain the differences quite well. I particularly like the idea of queues built in, and the templating system looks pretty cool.

Out of interest, what is it that you personally find so different?

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The middleware and the fact that everything's moved! NO biggie, but artisan failed to work out of the box and the key won't generate and errors on creating controllers with artisan. Another issue of course is the add-on service providers which haven't been updated. Or having to refactor my own ones. I agree it looks rather impressive, but allowing for the learning curve, I really think it's made things a lot more complicated. The thing I loved about Laravel was its relative simplicity, but following a few major nosebleeds I'm having to think very carefully about delving into 5 for new projects. Dev time will take a big hit on the first couple.

Thanks for the link. He's certainly enthusiastic, but read the comments, they're pretty much on the same wavelength as me. Artisan failed, can't find models, oh it's just a big mess, ha ha.

I've started to use it; it's a little bit weird to get started with (since, as stated above, it's just not as simple)... but I think it might be a little bit worth it. I am still using 4.2.x for my sites, since that is the version I am most comfortable with; but I'm making a little project on the side to get to grips with L5.

One thing that is pretty much required when writing L5 applications is PHPStorm — which I am not the biggest fan of. You need it because of namespacing; which just gets messy in L5.