page with form open in laravel 4.2 is not working. it throws this error
Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ NotFoundHttpException

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A number of things it could be. But you decided not to show your code or markup nor the full error trace. Crystal balls don't really work.

pls thus the code


<h1>Contact Us</h1>
<p>Please Conatct us by sending a message using the form below</p>
{{ HTML::ul($errors->all(), array('class'=>'errors'))}}
{{form::text('subject','Enter your Message')}}
{{form::textarea('Message','Enter Your Message')}}
<br />

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Did you read the link post?

the issue has to do with forms in laravel 4.2 . So i get suggestions of changing some other things in the app.php file. which i have. runned composer update. it like am new to the framework. i really need help.

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It is almost impossible (IMO) to get to the heart of the problem without seeing your routes, controllers (and possibly models).

true but it working now. i guess laravel is case sensitive. when i changed from form to Form. it worked. Thanks Team Daniweb