Iam facing a problem, Google input tools fonts are not rendering in my website.

iam creating a website which support multi language to type. I have typed in malayalam and the font are showing correctly while trying and in the preview page it was showing like this ( മലയാളഠà´à´¨àµà´¨à´¾ ഭാഷ à´à´¤à´¿ മഹതàµà´¤à´ ) In the database it was store like this (

à ´®à ´²à ´¯à ´¾à ´³à ´‚ à ´Žà ´¨à µÂà ´¨à ´¾ à ´­à ´¾à ´· à ´…à ´¤à ´¿ à ´®à ´¹à ´¤à µÂà ´¤à ´‚

)Iam new to php and I don't know why it was showing like this. I have included the my post page and preview code page in paste bin. please help me I think it will also help other too
Post page: http://pastebin.com/94t9wXVU

Preview page : http://pastebin.com/SHUYpvUW

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try to change collation to utf8_general_ci of the column where you store your malyalam content


urtrivedi, I have done it but in the editor and the preview page also showing the font like this à´à´¨àµà´¤à´¾ മലയാളഠà´à´¤àµà´°à´¾ à´¸àµà´¨àµà´¦à´°à´ . Please tell me is there anything I have missed in the code please go through the paste bin to see my code


no utf encode is needed in php
just data base column in mysql need to be utf8_unicode_ci


Find the solution. thanks to urtrivedi..

change the collation to utf8_general_ci in the database because utf8_unicode_ci is requrid in mysql

Changed the line like this


<--- Removed and


<--- added like this

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