My site is giving me a 500 internal error. In the data.php file it is asking for a few things:

//db access info
$sql_user='';//db user
$sql_pass='';//db pass
$sql_db='';//db name
//path and url
$base_path="";//full path to script
$main_url="";//url to the script
$cookie_url="";//the domain name of your website without http://www 

The $base_path= is the one it looks like I am having trouble with. Is that the Public path?

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I don't think there is a way for us to know what the author of that script meant with $base_path. I think you should look into the rest of the script, see where it is used and try to determine in that way what its value should be.


You may be able to find it in include lines. Usually it is used - like pritaeas says - to specify a path where for example files to include can be found (which is mostly in your project's directory).


I got it, looks like it was a permission error.

Now I got a if (ereg($pattern,$line,$regs)){ issue because of the PHP upgrade

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