hello experts,

I want to show .jrxml file in html div as a preview of created report.

I am using eclipse luna and I was created a report in jasper soft studio 6.0. and i need to show this jrxml file in html <div> </div>
So please help me.

thank you.

When you create pdf report you can try to show it in iFrame.
There is conversation on this link, I hope this will help you. Mike.

hello mike

No i was created a html report and when i used i-frrame like:

<iframe src="E://abc.html" seamless></iframe>

Then output is
"The Address wasn't understood."

hello mike

I have problems with jasper report.

1] How to show and hide report fields using javascript function or servlet?

2] how to fetch static fields text in from jsp and display in textbox?

Please tell me with example of both questions.